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About us

Our strenght lies in quality. Ósemka, as a manufacturer of chemicals for a professional use, from the very beginning cared about efficiency and effectiveness of the product. When we were starting, all we had were motivation, knowlege, and energy to work. Many companies did not believe in creating a new brand of such profile, and that there will be any demand for such products. We, however, were working incessantly, and despite all difficulties we believed in the success of a polish product deloping it constantly. A key moment for us was partnership with trade network, Grene. The company noticed reliability and possibilities of Ósemka products. Having Grene as a partner in sales and distribution, we are assured that the right products are in the right place.

Why Ósemka?

Our products are highly concentrated, which is why they are more sufficient than others available on the market. Each and every products has the necessery CE marks, and laboratory tests guaranteeing the efficacy and security. We took care of the packages, so they are comfortable to use, solid, and meet the European requirements. Every product is precisely described in the terms of use, storage, and safety. On the labels you will find careful specification of the product, and what you need it for.

What do you know about us?

Quality and efficiency

From the start, Ósemka, was focused on the quality and efficiency so our customers are provided with top products.

Technical products

All products of Ósemka offer are specialized and prepared for specific application, thanks to which our client buys a product of the highest quality.

Ósemka in Poland

We are broadly available in all Poland. We make sure the products are delivered to our customers on time. We continually expand scope to reach new clients outside of Poland as well.

We work for the best

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